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Hello everyone, hope you guys had a great summer and are starting to look forward to a new sim season.
We thank those of you who played last year. We have a few more volunteers to help us out this year.

@BullseyeGav and @Toad will be taking care of Discord I will still be here working behind the scenes and helping out.
@antbcor will be running the website. There are no changes to the clubhouse this season but things should be a lot better for next season.

There will be no charge to play any of the leagues this season. We will be running 3 leagues. You may sign up for any league you want to play.

Please sign up for only ONE league. The leagues will be as follows. There also open to all Launch Monitors.
Expanded will be Played off the Blue Tee Box.

Basic will be Played off the White Tee Box.

No Putt will be Played off the White Tee Box.

All events will be played with no wind or Penalties. For this we need to establish a HCP. The 4 HCP Rounds will start up on Sept 1st.
Please make sure you play all 4 Rounds, take pics of all 4 score cards and then place the pics in the hcp-submit-score.

Once done let BullseyeGav or Toad know you have completed your 4HCP rounds.
We will be starting the 22/23 Season 1st week of October.
Thank you from all of the Admins.

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